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When to Keep Your Child at Home

In the interest of every child's well being, only healthy children will be cared for at The Mustard Seed. Please keep your child at home if he/she has vomited and/or run a fever within the last 24 hours. We follow the guidelines that are recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics, who recommend that a child be kept home from child care if any of the following conditions exis

-- A child with any signs of severe illness, including fever, irritability, difficulty breathing, crying that does not stop with the usual comforting, or extreme sleepiness should not be sent to child care or school.
-- A child with diarrhea or stools that contain blood or mucus should not attend child care or school.
-- A child who vomits two or more times in 24 hours should not attend child care or school, unless a physician feels the cause of vomiting is not an infectious disease and the child is in no danger of becoming dehydrated.
-- A child with mouth sores and drooling should not attend child care or school, unless a physician or the local health department authority does not feel the condition is infectious.
-- A child with fever or rash or a change in behavior should not attend school or child care, unless a physician has determined that the problem is not caused by an infectious disease.
-- A child with diarrhea caused by E-coli 0157:H7 or shigella that has been diagnosed by a physician should not attend child care or school. The child may not return to day care or school until two stool cultures (collected 24 hours apart) are negative for the organisms and the child no longer has diarrhea. For shigella, the child may return if treated with an appropriate antibiotic for five days and if the child no longer has diarrhea.
-- A child with conjunctivitis or "pinkeye" may not attend day care or school without being examined, treated and approved for readmission by a physician.
-- A child with impetigo may not attend school or day care until 24 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment and until the child no longer has a fever. Be sure to cover any lesions.
-- A child with strep throat may not attend school or day care until 24 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment.
-- A child with head liceor nitsmay not attend day care or school until the first treatment has been given and approval of the Center Director.
-- A child with scabies may not attend day care or school until after treatment has been completed.
-- A child with chickenpox must remain out of day care or school until all lesions are dried and crusted, which is usually after about six days.
-- A child with pertussis (whooping cough) must remain out of school or day care until five days of antibiotic treatment have been completed. (Treatment is to continue for a total of 14 days.)
-- A child with mumps may not return to school or day care until nine days after the swelling begins.
-- A child with measles must remain out of school or child care until four days after the rash begins.
-- A child with Hepatitis A must remain out of school or child care until one week after the child develops jaundice (yellow skin color) or becomes ill.
-- A child with tuberculosis must remain out of school or child care until the child's physician or local health department authority feels the child's condition is no longer infectious.
-- A child with an illness that prevents the child from feeling well enough to participate in the usual activities and routines should not be sent to school or child care. For child care only: A child whose illness requires more care than the child care staff can provide without putting the health and safety of other children at risk should not be sent to child care.

Medication Policy

No medication of any kind will be administered at the Center by staff. If a child is on regular medication, special arrangements can be made. When there is a life-threatening circumstance that involves a child who is enrolled at the center we will utilize the following policy:

-- The medication will be in the original container with the child's name, the name of the drug or medication, the dosage of the drug or medication and the written instructions for storage and administration outlined by the attending physician.
– The administrative staff and the staff directly working with the child will be informed of the proper procedure for administering the medication.
– At the time the medication is administered, the details will be documented in a log located in the Center's office.


Each child must be current on their immunizations in order to be admitted to and attend The Mustard Seed. The Mississippi State Health Department requires that each child maintain an up-to-date 121 Form recording the child's immunizations. Click HERE to visit the MSHD site.

Tobacco & Other Substances

Smoking (the use of tobacco products in any form), alcohol, or illegal drugs are prohibited on the premises at The Mustard Seed, including staff, parents, and visitors. For the health and safety of the children we ask that you, as the parent(s), honor this policy.

Children With Special Needs

The Mustard Seed facility is fully ADA compliant with handicapped-accessible entries, hallways, and toilet facilities for children with special needs. Please contact the director for more information.

Child Abuse Reporting

A complete copy of the Regulations Governing Licensure of Child Care Facilities is available in the office for your review at any time and the regulations can also be viewed by clicking HERE. A summary of licensing standards is also attached to your enrollment application. The Center is required by state law to report any incidence of suspected child abuse or domestic violence. Our first concern is the safety of your child and if we suspect he/she has been subjected to abuse, we will file a report to the proper authorities.

Sample Menu and Nutrition

We know nutrition is an important part of your child's growing years. The sample menu below is a typical menu seen at The Mustard Seed. Click HERE to download a copy to print. See the Center director for a copy of the current menu.


As a state licensed child care provider, The Mustard Seed adheres to the dietary standards as mandated by the Mississippi Department of Health. A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

We are committed to the health of your child by reinforcing healthy habits and have taken our health education a step further by committing to the "Color Me Healthy" program. Color Me Healthy is a program developed to reach children ages four and five with fun, interactive learning opportunities on physical activity and healthy eating.

It is designed to stimulate all of the senses of young children: touch, smell, sight, sound, and, of course, taste. Through the use of color, music, and exploration of the senses, Color Me Healthy teaches children that healthy food and physical activity are fun. And just because it was targeted to four and five year olds, we are adapting the materials and curriculum to work with all of our age groups.

Selected staff at The Mustard Seed have gone through comprehensive training that teaches creative and effective ways to use the program. Information about the program is included in various newsletters throughout the year.

For more information, feel free to visit the program's website at There's even a special section just for parents with lots of resources and even some great recipes.

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