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At The Mustard Seed, we believe in the care and education of the whole child. Our curriculum provides a superior educational foundation but also introduces children to who they are in God's world, the importance of developing a good character, having healthy eating and exercising habits, and much more.

All Mustard Seed Curricula provide:

– activity-rich curriculum filled with hands-on science experiments, mathematical concepts, creative arts, phonics, and much more.
– individual learning opportunities and one-on-one attention when required.
– fun-filled Bible activities and character education.
– nutrition, exercise, and healthy eating & living education.

Each classroom offers a wide variety of learning materials arranged in learning centers. This provides a place to play but also a place to learn. Bright colors provide a cheerful environment where children can play with developmentally appropriate toys and interact in creative centers such as kitchens or dress-up areas to stimulate their imaginations. Parent information boards provide daily information about classroom news and events.

Parents are provided assessment updates throughout the year. These include daily written communication about your child's learning, ongoing portfolio collections, quarterly assessment reports, and family/teacher conferences offered two times per year.


In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, we are proud to offer several program enhancements. Here are just a few.

Miss Missy "Library Lady"

Miss Missy is also a very popular visitor at The Mustard Seed. Missy, a librarian at the D'Iberville Public Library, visits the Center once a month. She reads a story to the children, gives a very animated puppet show relating to the story, and provides other activities such as felt storyboards, and more. The children absolutely adore her. Her obvious love of reading is contagious and as a result, the children are motivated to pick books up books and explore them more frequently.

Music with Miss Cherie

The Mustard Seed is happy to enrich the curriculum with an exciting music program provided by Cherie Prentiss. Ms. Prentiss is a licensed Kindermusik educator and the mother of four children. She has a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and has taught Kindermusik classes on the Gulf Coast for the past 10 years.

Music plays a vital role in the development of a young child's brain. Music classes are an excellent way for children to enhance their love of learning through music. Children participating in the music program will be introduced to the basic elements of music, learn appropriate vocal development, develop better listening skills, and be provided with movement experiences that will expand their listening and movement repertoire. Children will have the opportunity to play a variety of basic rhythm instruments such as bells, shakers, sticks, and sand blocks. They will be introduced to basic rhythm and vocal patterns. The songs and activities explored in music class will also enhance their learning and speech skills thereby reinforcing traditional preschool concepts they are being taught.

Classes are offered for children ages 2 through 5 years. Lessons will occur once per week for 30 minutes each.

Stretch and Grow: Get Children Moving!

Ask the children about Stretch and Grow and they go wild! Stretch and Grow is a once a week class that works directly with our staff and children. You may opt to not participate in this program but why would you! Stretch-n-Grow classes are filled with age appropriate activities that teach children how to exercise while having fun. Stretch-n-Grow classes consist of a warm-up, exercises, aerobics, games and activities, cool down, and a health lesson.

Cognitive Benefits:
Stretch-n-Grow is energizing to children and employs a variety of learning styles, which helps them achieve their learning goals; The brain and body work together. This practice enhances learning.

Social Emotional Benefits:
Stretch-n-Grow helps improve sense of self-image and body awareness; and may improve behavior of children diagnosed with ADHD; Children engaging in Stretch-n-Grow are able to explore their physical world and develop peer interactions.

Language Benefits:
Children use language during Stretch-n-Grow to communicate with peers on direction and actions; Stretch-n-Grow exercises help strengthen trunk muscles, which enhance good posture and head control. As these muscles are strengthened, a child's speech production is enhanced.

Motor Benefits:
Stretch-n-Grow teaches lessons that enhance both fine and gross motor development. The correlation between fine and gross motor skills enable children to have a better understanding of their motor development. Physical activity allows for more practice of using both skills together.

Themed Activities

In addition to our regular curriculum, The Mustard Seed regularly supplements the schedule with themed activities. This provides a perfect balance of structure with an element of surprise to keep the children interested and engaged in the learning experience.

For example, during fire safety month, the D'Iberville Fire Department visits the Center. The children are taken on a tour of the engine and the equipment. The firemen explain fire safety, the stop, drop, and roll concept. The children are introduced to what firemen look and sound like in their gear so they won't be frightened should they ever be in a fire. Of course, the fire truck is a big hit with the children!

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Seedlings: Ones
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Shoots: Threes
Vines: Fours

A Day in the Life at The Mustard Seed

Group time provides an opportunity for children to develop social skills, learn to share ideas and listen to others. With frequent opportunities for group experiences, children gain an awareness of others and a sense of group identity.

Teachers implement small group activities with a few children at a time, developing the unique interests and abilities of each child. Our teachers use the time to work individually on specific skill development.

Child-directed play in learning centers is an important part of a young child's day. The activities they choose within the learning centers allow for exploration and discovery at the child's pace. During this learning time, teachers individualize attention by encouraging children to make choices appropriate to their needs.

Served in a family-style setting, meals and snacks are tasty, healthy, and foster valuable learning opportunities. At the table, children build social skills through casual discussion with each other and teachers. Discussions about food and nutrition teach children about healthy lifestyles. Mealtimes also provide an opportunity for children to discuss the day's events and to communicate their feelings with one another.

Napping in the afternoon helps children relax and prepare for more learning. The teacher is always present and children can read, draw or do a puzzle if they wake up early. After some quiet time, children are re-energized and ready to take on the remainder of the day!

Playing outdoors isn't just fun--it helps children grow and stay active and healthy. By extending classroom activities into our outdoor areas, learning takes on new meaning and involves opportunities to interact with nature.

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